NOT TOO LATE is a Hong Kong-based graphic design studio, started by Fan Shui Lun in 2018. Our work includes brand design, graphic design, exhibition design, publication, and web design, and they have collaborated with different cultural groups. NOT TOO LATE is convinced that the influence of design on people will extend gradually and It is not too late to have an opportunity of presenting this in any form.


Design Awards:

Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2020
- Excellent Work x1

Taiwan International Graphic Design Award
- Gold Award x1
- Judge’s Special Award x1
- Distinction x2

Taipei International Design Award
- Applied Design Award x1
- Judge’s Special Award x1

Golden Pin Design Award
- Golden Pin Design Mark x1

Type Directors Club, Communication Design Competition 
- Certificate of Typographic Excellence x1

Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2019 
- Projects Selected x1


HKDA Global Design Awards 
- Bronze Award x1
- Excellence Award x2

Golden Pin Design Award 
- Design Mark x1
- The finalists of Best of Golden Pin Design Award x1

DFA Design for Asia Award
- Merit Award x1